Health and Safety Management Platform

The health and safety of your staff and guests are a top priority.  As an AHA member you have access to the InUnison Hospitality Health and Safety Management Solution Platform FOR FREE.

InUnison is an Alberta based health and safety corporation.  They have built Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) knowledge and know-how into our platform leveraging relationships with various industry associations and through decades of experience throughout Canada and abroad.

The platform enables you to train staff and implement essential processes to ensure your team and customers are safe in the “new normal” workplace arising from COVID-19. It is continually updated with the most current and applicable COVID-19 guidelines and instructions.

InUnison link is available to AHA Members. Please Login or Click Here to register!

AHA Membership is complimentary at this time, to better support our industry through Covid-19

What Does It Include?

COVID-19 Policy

A set of expectations the organization will put in place to reduce the risk of exposure and harm to workers and the public from COVID-19.

COVID-19 Management Plan

An easy to use and up to date COVID-19 management program and applicable Safe Work Practices based on government guidelines.

COVID-19 Forms

Access to hazard assessment and personal protective equipment (PPE) and Hygiene materials forms.

COVID-19 Pre-Screening Self-Assessment

Online COVID-19 pre-screening system allowing workers to complete a self-assessment based on the health services questions from any mobile device.