A letter was issued by The City of Calgary on September 23 in regards to temporary patios.  Below are the details:

This letter is to provide you with an update with respect to the anticipated timeframes for the culmination
of temporary patio permissions on public land. When winter maintenance operations likely resume in
October, The City of Calgary will require the right-of-way that is currently being used for temporary
sidewalks adjacent to patios on public lands to provide winter operation services.
The City of Calgary is providing impacted businesses with this notice for the future removal of existing
temporary patios. However, the actual date will be weather dependent as we realize patios are an
important part of your business and we want to support them as long as possible.
Following the Thanksgiving long-weekend, on October 11, 2021, when a snowfall of greater than 3
centimeters is predicted, The City will require removal of temporary patios that impact public right of way.
The City will then issue a 72-hour notice for removal of your temporary patio.
Safety of pedestrians, road users and all Calgarians is paramount during the winter season. For successful
winter road clearing operations, safe spaces for pedestrians must be relocated back onto public sidewalks.
Thank you for your understanding on this matter. Should you have any questions regarding next steps, do
not hesitate to follow up further.

Yours truly,

John Bolger. Eng. Ravi Seera
Roads, Manager Development Services Roads, Manager of Traffic