(March 18, 2021) The Alberta Hospitality Association is asking that the Alberta government include hospitality workers in the next phase of vaccinations. There are approximately 100,000 Albertans working in the province’s hospitality sector; Albertans who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep businesses, the industry, and the province’s economy alive. These individuals should be recognized as essential workers, the same as those in several provinces such as PEI, and 17 states in the USA where restaurant workers have been listed as essential workers.

The hospitality industry has been one of the most affected industries with workers having to endure many closures and an uncertain path forward. These workers have eagerly come back to work to ensure Albertans seeking socialization have had a safe and controlled space throughout this pandemic. Thus, the people in these roles have been in constant contact with high volumes of different people on a daily basis.

Many businesses within Alberta’s hospitality industry have worked tirelessly and invested many hours and finances to ensure the safety of staff, guests, and the community at large. By including the hospitality industry in Alberta’s next phase for vaccines it would be an important step towards ensuring hospitality workers have a safe path forward and further security in their workplace.

Hospitality workers play a vital role in Alberta’s social and economic recovery, and thus must be considered essential workers with early access to vaccines. This will allow for the industry to re-open the economy quicker and with greater confidence while balancing the health and safety of the general public and those in every Alberta community.

The Alberta Hospitality Association Board of Directors

Ernie Tsu, President (Calgary)
Brennen Wowk, Vice-President (Red Deer) Leslie Echino, Secretary/ Treasurer (Calgary) Brett Ireland (Calgary)
Jeff Jamieson (Calgary)
Derek Moe (Grande Prairie)
Mark Kuspira (Calgary)
Katy Bond, Communications Director (Calgary)